Adriano Zefene is an Argentinian entrepreneur. And he is world famous for his incredible ability to win on slot machines as well as for producing some of the best Cuban cigars.
He is a recognized world champion a number of times, and is currently listed with 11 world records in The Guinness Book of Records.
In addition to slot machines Zefene has dug deep into the philosophy and techniques of gambling.
Most people know about his incredible theories on all types of casino games from poker, blackjack and baccarat all the way up to the queen of casino games – the roulette.
And it was as an ode to this wonderful game that Adriano Zefene in 2013 wrote the novel Roulette, about the 24-year-old Argentinian guy who decides to become the world’s best roulette player and travels the world and plays roulette in the best casinos.




Early life

Adriano Zefene grew up in a small town a few hours north of the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.
His father was a farmer, but Adriano had little interest in raising cattle. At 15 he decided to run away and got permission to stay with his aunt in Buenos Aires. And it was here he developed his interest in gambling. His aunt was an avid poker player, and Adriano mastered this game early on. But he developed an exceptionally strong interest in slot machines and won two or three times more than what was normal.

Slot machines

This earned him a lot of attention, and he became a favorite with the media.
Many casinos invited him to come and play slot machines at their casinos (for marketing purposes), and his constant wins stirred the imagination of people. After only a few years he entered the poker world and started winning even more.


With the poker came more money, and more fame.
Zefene took only a couple of years to reach the top of the poker world series, and he managed to stay on top for years.
At the same time, he continued with his slot machine projects, and even managed to write four books. Three of them on the topic of gambling and slot machines.

Online casino

When online casinos first started, Adriano Zefene was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. He partnered up with Seb McMahon, and they started a series of online casinos that became very successful in a short period of time.
After a few years, Zefene started his very own line of casinos, however, and started on his very own path to success.


Today Zefene still has a few mainstream online casinos, but his main focus at the moment is the Zefene App for slot machines.
Zefene feels that the number of slot players will increase much over the next couple of years, and is certain that curated slot machine apps will be widely used.
Zefene is the first app to curate gambling content in such a focused manner.


Adriano Zefene is married and has three children.
He lives in Austria six months of the year, and in Havana, Cuba the other six months.