In order to deliver quality content about slot machines, Zefene has hired a staff of 30 players. These players do nothing but play slot machines, six days a today is tested.
And these are not small, simple tests we’re talking about because each and every slot machine is played on for a minimum of 100 spins.
Yes, that’s right, even those obvious losers, those butt-ugly slot machines that you know will not serve you well are tested.
After the 100 rounds, a full report is written about the slot machine, and this is turned into a review that is then published within the app.


At the moment Zefene has tested more than 300 slot machines, and you can read all those reviews on the Zefene app.
Out of these 300 and so slot machines Zefene and his team have chosen 6 slot machines that they think are sensational.
And these 6 slot machines are featured in the app, together with one specially made slot machine designed by Zefane himself.
This hyper-cool slot machine is simply called The One.

The One

The One is the world’s best slot machine, at least if you ask Adriano Zefene. This slot machine has been under development for 16 months and is based on the work and talent of the world’s best slot machine player – Adriano Zefene.
The game dynamics are completely new, and there are many details that you will not recognize from other slot machines.
Zefene has been particularly adamant about payouts. He always wanted this slot machine to have more payouts than other machines, and this is achieved.
No other slot machine in the world pays out that many prizes per hour of play.
In addition to having a huge number of payouts, The One is also one of the top ten machines in terms of jackpot sizes.
But not only jackpots, because many of the ordinary prizes are simply much higher on The One.
So all in all The One is one of the best slot machines to play if you’re concerned about winning money.
You can try The One by downloading the Zefene App.