In addition to slot machines and gambling, Adriano Zefene is extremely into cigars. And this interest has made him buy a unique tobacco farm on Cuba.

Normally, foreigners are not allowed to buy property in Cuba, but the Cuban communist government made an exception in Zefene’s case, probably because of a large, one-time payment that some rumors say was over three million dollars.


The Farm

The tobacco plantation, simply called The Farm, is located a few hours south of Havana, and it is a famous plantation that was run by one of Cuba’s leading tobacco farmers. Zefane has completely restored the farm and has set up a small cigar factory where he manufactures his own cigars. The production is small by Cuban standards, but Zefane has permission to sell all his cigars to his own chain of stores located in London, Paris and New York, so the profit margins are quite high. The Farm is open for visits, and there are five luxury suites available in the west wing of the house, which has turned into a very popular boutique hotel. The price of a suite is $5000 per night, which includes breakfast.

The Restaurant

In addition to the five rooms, The Farm also offers a restaurant that serves traditional Cuban food with a modern flair.
Anyone can use the restaurant, but a booking is essential.

Online shopping

If you want to buy a Zefane cigar and cannot visit one of the shops, you can simply order online. All ten types of cigars are on sale directly from the website, and the products will be shipped as soon as the order comes in.
We also offer a subscription of cigars, so you can get a case of cigars sent directly to your house each and every month.
Choose between a small case of 25 cigars, a medium case of 50 cigars or a jumbo case of 100 cigars. The most popular cigars are the double coronas, the Churchill, and the robusto.


The Zefene cigars are considered to be one of the world’s top cigars. And they have received brilliant reviews from the press.
The Zefene Robusto got a 97 point score on Casino Cigars, and the Churchill got a flat 100. It was described as the best cigar in the world, and a cigar to enjoy at least one time before you die.
In a famous scene in the the movie The Poker Player, Jack Lonsdale's character smokes an entire Zefene Churchill before jumping off the cliff, and this movie alone did more for sales than the combined marketing efforts of the previous year.